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As a real estate agent in the modern world, you must make yourself available to your customers through every medium known to man – right from social media, telephone to the website. However, though all these three mediums, the third one might be a little more influential than the other two.

To make yourself accessible to audiences from various age groups, backgrounds, and cultures – right from Boomers to Gen Z your agency must be accessible through the internet.

Because of the increased real estate agents, and the subsequent rise in competition, it is vital that you put your best foot forward and deliver a fantastic, visually pleasing, and easily navigable website for your clientele and customers. In addition, your website should be filled with all the knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

If you are a real estate website designer or can’t afford one, this article is for you! This article will give you a comprehensive list of essential elements in your real estate website!

There are a few must-have elements in your real estate website, such as the contact and property details. Though we won’t be covering obvious features like that, this is an important reminder to include that information. In addition, here are a few unique elements that will distinguish your website from your competition.

1. Having a Blog

Having a blog that provides potential home buyers with all the information and advice they need! Being a good and credible resource to your potential clients will help you become a remarkable figure in their home-buying journey and help them emotionally invest in your agency. A blog will also help you optimize your SEO results and help you get more traffic to your page.

2. Help them MAP it out!

Including a map feature on your website comes a long way! With the map feature, your clients will locate the house easily and check proximity from establishments that are important to them, like schools, offices, grocery shops, malls, etc. In addition to this, adding map features that show all available houses in the neighbourhood will also help your client get their available options to browse before deciding on a life-changing home!

3. Testimonials

Buying a home is one of the most significant and emotionally complicated investments of a person’s life and is important to many people. But, unfortunately, many people don’t make such significant investments unless their agents and houses have a good reputation through recommendations from people they trust. Hence, one of the best features to put on your real estate website are testimonials from your past clients. Not only will this give your future clients some insight into your work style, but it also gives your client an idea of what to expect. In addition, make sure your testimonials include a holistic review of your work! As an additional bonus, testimonials are excellent ways to get feedback on your work and help you understand how you can improve your service.

Creating an interesting real estate website takes patience, time, knowledge, and a whole lot of introspection. It is always important to ask yourself how you want to be perceived by clients and focus on your brand image before investing in a top-notch website. However, when you do make an investment this big, It always comes in handy. Including the elements mentioned above will give you an edge over the other agents and make you a reliable and go-to entity for everything real estate-related.

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