A Freelance Web Designer &
Developer in Sabah.

Hi, I'm Ben

Hello, this is Ben, and I am a web designer. I am currently a freelancer, and I work as a web developer out of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. I offer several services, including designing websites and providing solutions for the development of SMEs, small businesses, and other professionals. In addition, I deal with all kinds of e-commerce websites that are promotional or informational. Be it building the website from scratch or helping you develop it better, and I would be more than happy to assist you and help you with my services.

Digital Solutions

Why choose a freelance web designer over an agency?

I am at a place in my life where I have enough experience with both freelance and agency. I can assure you that choosing a freelance web designer is not only going to be a much affordable option, but you are also going to get the same quality. Also, you would have to deal with just one individual and not a whole support team.

The benefits of working with a freelance web designer.

The best part about hiring a freelance web designer over an agency is that you are just paying for the web designing and not the office, the support team, and the other overhead expenses that the agencies charge you.

Because you are dealing with just one individual, the coordination process takes hardly any time. You can go over the design revision quickly, and because they are working for themselves, they are always working against the clock.

A freelancer is usually well-versed with all the different parts of a website, including the design, the graphic design, the UX, and so on. He can take care of all these parts by himself and make sure that the website is consistent.

When you do not have to deal with different departments of an agency but only with one individual, the communication is direct and clear. The point to focus on here is that the freelancer must respond quickly to your calls and messages.

Although the kind of work that you receive from an agency and a freelancer is different, it is highly subjective, and it depends on the type of work or the nature of the freelancer. Make sure you go through their portfolio.

Freelancers usually work from home and are working on multiple projects at once. This forces them to work extra hours and allows you to have flexible work hours. You can contact them at any hour of the day, and they will respond.