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Web designing is a skill that not everybody can master. When creating a website you need a web designer who listens to you and provides you with the best! If you’re looking for an experienced freelance web designer who can provide you optimum service for affordable costs, then you’re at the right place! Let me tell you some factors worth considering when hiring a web designer.


Cost is an essential factor to consider in web design, as it is in any kind of purchase – as a company owner, you must be aware of what is and is not within your budget.

That being said, your website is arguably one of the most important pieces (if not the single most important piece) of your business – it is your storefront, where many potential customers or clients first find you, then learn more about you, and hopefully purchase from you – so it is critical to invest in a quality website that attracts your target audience, tells your brand story, converts your visitors into paying clients.

The investment you make in your website will most likely provide one of the highest returns in your company.

So, of course, take in mind your personal and company funds (which are often mixed for new business owners), but also be aware of the significance of excellent web design and select a number that you are comfortable working with to create the finest site possible.

Sure, you can buy a brand-new website for RM600… However, there will most certainly be a considerable difference in quality between that website and a RM6,000 site.

And, as a side note, even sites that seem to be fairly similar at first sight may vary substantially in all the tiny back-end elements that determine a site’s success or failure—SEO, favicon, mobile responsive design, page loading speed, and so on.

The scope of work

In addition to the cost and quality of work, it is important to evaluate the entire scope of work offered with various designers.

Some designers include logo and favicon design in their projects, while others need you to hire a graphic designer. Some designers may provide a customized cheat sheet or screen share lesson to take you through the backend of your site and the changes you will need to make in the future, while others will simply hand over your completed website.

It is also useful to know what other talents a web designer may be able to help you with, either during the original design process or later on. Do they help with the setup of email marketing campaigns and the creation of template emails? Do they have previous expertise with e-commerce or online membership programs?


Web design is one of the few industries where official qualifications are not required. While you would not go to a doctor who did not have a medical degree and license, many good web designers do not have any professional training in web design.

So, although you do not have to ask whether a potential designer has a Master’s degree in computer science, you may search for other certifications that recognize their expertise and industry connections. A freelance web designer works just as good as a degree holder.